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What We Do


Breakthrough BioAssets

Performs operating and asset validation activities from concept phase to full scale commercialization.

  • Identify Problems that require disruptive solutions and bring immense benefits to the global community
  • Assemble Experts depending on area and perform initial idea due diligence, customer discovery, and commercial viability of opportunities
  • Conduct Assessments to perform initial low cost de-risking experimentations
  • Secure Required Intellectual Property (creation, licensing, acquisition)
  • Establish and Manage Operating Companies enhancing development of key assets (concept development, prototypes, pre-clinical and clinical experiments, commercialization)
  • Increase Enterprise Value by executing corporate development activities (financing, contracts, strategic partnerships, licensing, royalties, public offerings, acquisitions, product launches)
  • Commercialize Assets through public offerings and/or royalties, licensing deals, product launches